A Modern Web Application With Rails

Suggestions for new projects using Rails. A lot of sensible suggestions here.

Rails and Rack

Examples of single-file Rails apps.

How small can a Ruby on Rails app be?

Apparently, really small. Just one file for a Rails app that runs with Rack. Wonder if there's scope here for a basic CRUD app using this template?

Automatically managing personal and work git configurations

There was a time when I found myself constantly switching between my personal and work computers, and it was really annoying. After some time …

Top Tips for Refactoring Rails Models

Different object types provide a great way of breaking down fat models.

A 120 Days Plan to Become a Better Developer

Detailed plan to becoming a better front-end engineer.

Verify user phone numbers in Ruby on Rails with the Authy verification API

Used with Authy as well which is nice.

10 Tips for Writing Better Code

30+ years experience trying to write better software distilled down into 10 best practices.

Is WEBrick Webscale?

Yes, and a few more other things you might not know.

How to turn your website into a PWA

Some great stuff here for even static sites.

Lawyers, bad jokes and typos: how not to name your software

The old problem of naming stuff.

What RESTful actually means

Everything you need to know about REST.

Web Developer roadmap 2017

A Top Shelf Web Stack - Rails 5 API + ActiveAdmin + Create React App

A recommendation for a web stack on Heroku.

Web Developer Checklist

Another essential