Power assert

Power Assert shows each value of variables and method calls in the expression. It is useful for testing, providing which value wasn't correct when the condition is not satisfied.

How to minimize RSpec `describe`/`context` nesting

Shared contexts to the rescue!


Generate mocks from ActiveRecord models for unit tests that run fast because they don’t need to load Rails or a database.

You Shouldn’t Use Faker (or other test randomization libraries)

Faking data can result in test failures.

How I test Rails applications

Great run down of what to test in Rails.

Five Factor Testing

What good tests can do.

First-Class Tests

The definition of different types of tests.

Test Doubles — Fakes, Mocks and Stubs.

How to use the different methods of test doubles.

Testing: Trying not to overdo it at Mark Needham

Mind-Bending Factories

Create more than just objects with FactoryGirl.

Test runner in Rails 5 | BigBinary Blog

The Long Tail of Technical Debt

I Suck at Testing

Your tests are lying to you

Testing SMS Interactions

How much should I refactor?

By one problem at a time.

Hire a Guard for Your Project | Intridea Blog


Testing from the Outside-In