42 performance tips for Ruby on Rails

Some I already, some I don't. Good to know anyway.

How to minimize RSpec `describe`/`context` nesting

Shared contexts to the rescue!

A Modern Web Application With Rails

Suggestions for new projects using Rails. A lot of sensible suggestions here.

Rails and Rack

Examples of single-file Rails apps.

How small can a Ruby on Rails app be?

Apparently, really small. Just one file for a Rails app that runs with Rack. Wonder if there's scope here for a basic CRUD app using this template?

Limit Rails memory usage, fix R14 and save money on Heroku

Nice idea for starting out on a small side project.


Generate mocks from ActiveRecord models for unit tests that run fast because they don’t need to load Rails or a database.

5 Ruby on Rails Tips You Probably Don’t Know – Hacker Noon

I didnt know of a couple of these. Good to know.

Supercharged Rails development using Docker containers

Not sure I'll ever do this but handy to know.

Code ownership for your Rails app

Specify owners for different parts of your Rails application

You Shouldn’t Use Faker (or other test randomization libraries)

Faking data can result in test failures.

A Quick Guide to Rails System Tests in RSpec

Really quick guide!

Amazing Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Your Web Project?

A reminder of what's great about Rails.

A Deep Dive into CSRF Protection in Rails

All about the CSRF protection in Rails.

All the ways to generate routing paths in Rails

Moar routes!

Top Tips for Refactoring Rails Models

Different object types provide a great way of breaking down fat models.

Retrieve a random record in a Rails application

Better approach of getting a random record from the database than using RAND().