Programming Fonts - Test Drive

Finally I can try out a new font before installing it!


A guide to what goes into making a good README.

Sublime DA-UI: Adaptive, Customizable, Elegant UI Theme and Color Schemes for Sublime Text 3

Another great set of adaptive skins for Sublime Text

Write An Excellent Programming Blog

Ideas for programming posts.

Four Reasons Developers are Unproductive

I can identify with some of these (unfortunately).

Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming

Great rules for programming.

"Clean code" isn't actually clean

A better definition of "clean code".

10 Tips for Writing Better Code

30+ years experience trying to write better software distilled down into 10 best practices.

Customer-driven Development

Sarah Allen's take on customer-driven development. > Our software works when it empowers people to solve their problems and create impact. We can measure that. We can watch that happen. For those of us who have experienced that as software engineers, there’s no going back. We can’t write software any other way.

Here’s the one thing everyone learning to code should do, no matter what

Taking notes is essential to learning which is why developers should be always taking notes.

Lawyers, bad jokes and typos: how not to name your software

The old problem of naming stuff.

Literate Vimrc

Time to simplify the vimrc file again.

First-Class Tests

The definition of different types of tests.

Crafting Better Code Reviews

How to make your code reviews better.

Software Developers After 40, 50 and 60 Who are Still Coding

Tales of the ageing developer. Good to know.

Conditionality is filtering. Don't filter control flow, filter data.

Great example of removing conditional logic from your code.

Test Doubles — Fakes, Mocks and Stubs.

How to use the different methods of test doubles.

Build Your Own Text Editor

A great way of learning something a little different.