Creating a Side Project: 8 Stages, 43 Strategies & 59 Tools

> A practical guide on how to become a Viking and beat every problem you will face when building a side project.

The Value of Attention

> Currency is the currency of the realm.

Forget Calls-to-Action, Focus on Obvious Next Steps

Helps to always think of adding **obvious** next calls to action.

Good Web Design

A collection of curated landing pages.

Discover the world's best design practices

Useful resources and books for building products

Free Bootstrap 4 Login & Registration Forms


Side Project Marketing

A comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas you can try with your next side project.

Don't register your idea as a company

Tricks to Monetize your Side Projects

Some options here definitely worth trying out.

Seth's Blog: Monetizing digital attention

Just get started.

Web Developer Checklist

Another essential


A dent in the universe is sufficient.

Better Product Pages: Turn Visitors Into Customers

A few good pointers.

Stop asking “But how will they make money?”

Ask instead - "Could this product engage and retain 100s of millions of active users?"

Are you giving your users some positive feedback

Do you tell your users when they are doing something right?

The simple rule for successful online apps

Is community the key then?

Doubling SaaS Revenue By Changing The Pricing Model

Why simple plans are better.

Usually, a lot is insufficient

Exceed expectations.