Time, both friend and foe.

Productive Habits Calendar

I like this. Small changes over a big period of time.

Basics 7: How Father Christmas Does It

Productivity by the king of time management.

The Secret PhD Productivity Strategy: Do Deep Work In Less Hours

The worst PhD productivity advice is to work 24/7. Learn how to do deep work to boost your PhD productivity while working less hours. The Quiet Times

There’s value to be had in silence you know.

Setting up MacOS for Focused Work - Curtis McHale

Recommendations for creating a focused environment on your Mac.

Organizing your life using Github

Learn how you can leverage some Github features to organize your personal life and documents.

Creating the Elegance of Simplicity & Focus in Your Work Day : zen habits

> Simplifying your physical and digital workspaces will help you be less distracted and more able to focus on a single task.

Four Reasons Developers are Unproductive

I can identify with some of these (unfortunately).

How to Get Back on Track with Motivation & Habits : zen habits

Back on the habit train!

Big Rocks First: Double Your Productivity This Week

A revised take on the MIT process.

Seth's Blog: Optimized or maximized?

Just like WIP, there's an optimal level of pace.

We Are Broke in Our Busyness

Being busy isn't a measure of success.

How I got to 200 productive hours a month

Excellent article that delves deep into what it takes to be more productive.

Five Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

More journaling advice.

How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort

4 Ways to beat that "Damn, this is going to be hard" feeling.

43 Bullet Points on Personal Productivity

Mike's birthday bullet points.