The Perfect Twitter Header Size & Best Practices (2018 Update)

Useful for the marketing images I did for PGC pros.

Side Project Marketing

A comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas you can try with your next side project.

Why you need to write multiple headlines for every article

An interesting approach to making your content more readable.

Everything You Need to Know to Land More Freelance Clients

This should be a monthly or even annual checklist for freelancers.

How To Write an “About Me” Page That Gets You Hired

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Do These 5 Things Right Now To Still Be Employable In A Decade

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Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting

A process for producing tested copywriting.

Choosing a market for your software

Look deeper into markets.

How to Build Your Professional Portfolio as a Developer

Keep it updated.

Specialist vs. Generalist: which is better for your career?

Focus on the specialist skills.

You need a plan to follow up with prospects - here is mine

> If you want to win work, be proactive about keeping tabs on your leads.

5 Surefire Ways To Acquire High-Paying Clients

Must try these out.

The 7-Step Process We Use to Grow and Convert Organic Traffic

Build your great content up to be even greater.