What makes for a long life?

All the basics for a long life.

Approaching Life with Beginner's Mind

> Practice seeing life with a beginner’s mind.

Filter Out the Noise

Better to build a life around calm seas than stormy waters.

Mindfully Free of Wanting People to Be a Certain Way

Take a different view

Life is Easier When You Take the Stairs Gratitude and Meetings

Your Most Important Skill: Empathy - Chad Fowler

A Powerful Three-Step Algorithm for Happiness

What It Takes: Thank You

Two simple words.

Your human-size life

Why are you doing?

Do what you really want to do.

Doing Good vs Doing Nothing

> a simple but important maxim: “Always go to the funeral.”

Breathing Space

Allow yourself some breathing space.

You are going to die too...

A reminder that we should always use our time wisely, even when there's little of it left.

Time is Existence

In Praise of Discovery | James Shelley

On Worry

Worry about the things that matter and the things you can action.

George S. Patton’s Rules On Being An Officer And A Gentleman

Be the gentleman.


Survive and thrive. Good words to live by.