A 120 Days Plan to Become a Better Developer

Detailed plan to becoming a better front-end engineer.

Discover the world's best design practices

Useful resources and books for building products

Elixir School

Lessons about the Elixir programming language

Here’s the one thing everyone learning to code should do, no matter what

Taking notes is essential to learning which is why developers should be always taking notes.

Build Your Own Text Editor

A great way of learning something a little different.

Developing as a developer - a journey through learning

A manifesto of sorts for the career developer.

Web Developer roadmap 2017

Design for Developers

A starting point for learning design

Do that thing you think you can't

Good advice for all aspects of life.

What Have We Learned From This Open Source Project?

A collected wisdom of open source work.

Investing in Your Career as a Software Developer

Give yourself a shot at succeeding.

Rust: Systems Programming with a Safety Net

Why the compiler is a great safety net.

Let Her Teach You

It's amazing what your kids can teach you ... if you just listen.

Web Literacy

21st century skills.

Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Really, Really Fast

A useful process for learning new things.

Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful

Worth checking out the book for this one.