Six new books that will help you flourish as a freelancer | Creative Boom

More for the reading list.

Creating A Buffer

Building that commute time to allow you to switch off in between working from home and living at home.

Everything You Need to Know to Land More Freelance Clients

This should be a monthly or even annual checklist for freelancers.

How to Survive as a Solo Dev for like a Decade or so

Ensuring you stay it for the long game.

Do These 5 Things Right Now To Still Be Employable In A Decade

Good tips for ensuring you're still employable in not just a decade but five years from now.

5 Surefire Ways To Acquire High-Paying Clients

Must try these out.

The 7-Step Process We Use to Grow and Convert Organic Traffic

Build your great content up to be even greater.

3 ways to grow your email list by challenging yourself in public

Challenge yourself to generate leads, subscribers and sales.

Four Reasons You Hate Networking And What To Do Instead

Alternatives to networking.

The 1% of a long-lasting career

It's how you stand out.

There is a right way to end your projects

Three step process for ending a project.

12 Lead Nurture Emails | More leads for your dev shop

Nice idea for clients.

How to escape the single client trap as a freelancer

Breaking the chains of the single client.

How to keep yourself organized during a project

Keep an eye on yourself to keep a project organised.