What's a User Story? The Complete Guide

What's a user story? Learn what a user story is, who writes user stories, how to write good user stories, and more.

Paying Back Technical Debt - DNSimple Blog

Systems grow and evolve over time, accruing technical debt at varying speeds. Here's what we are doing about our technical debt at DNSimple.

Technical Debt: an Incomplete Metaphor?

> Show how compromises now lead to performance degradation later. The best way to put it.

Seth's Blog: Optimized or maximized?

Just like WIP, there's an optimal level of pace.

What Agile Project Managers Do Not Do, Part 2

What agile project manager don't do.

Five Factor Testing

What good tests can do.

Crafting Better Code Reviews

How to make your code reviews better.

Decision Impact

Another thing teams need to be on the look out for

Iterating the Product Owner Role: From Owner to Assistant

The evolution of the product owner to the production assistant.

Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day.

A story of continuous deployment and its benefits

50 Most Common Rails Mistakes

Technical stories based on our experience

Your product manager could save your day

Some days you don't need to write code to have a good day.

You Can’t Have a Rollback Button

> The internet is a big truck. It’s really hard to drive it backwards.

On the Myth of the 10X Engineer and the Reality of the Distinguished Engine

To be a great engineer requires more than writing code.

Agile requirements: Talking about uncertainty and complexity

Great technique for estimating work in an agile project.

Towards a Galvanizing Definition of Technical Debt

Technical debt viewed in a different way.

What Agile Project Managers Do, Part 1

Its not about control.

Taking Small Steps

For they are the most effective ones.